I have been drinking smoothies my entire life and am a firm believer in the amazing weight loss and health benefits they possess, to cleanse your colon. A high quality smoothie allows you to blend lots of nutrient dense ingredients into one drink. I like to think of a smoothie as a one stop shop for optimal health and fitness.

The following smoothie recipes are geared towards boosting your energy levels, skin collagen forming ability, metabolism and fat burning potential. These smoothies also contain some of the highest antioxidant foods in the world. Matcha Green tea has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in the world. Other smoothie ingredients such as blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, prune, raspberry, strawberry, apple and plum are listed as one of the top 20 antioxidant foods in the world by webmd.com.

Several of these smoothie recipes are geared for muscle recovery after an intense resistance training session. When you put on lean muscle you are increasing your metabolism and burning fat simultaneously.

When you are looking to boost your overall health and lose weight you need proper nutrition. These smoothies are high in every essential vitamin and mineral and many contain “green” ingredients such as Spinach and Kale. These green ingredients should not intimidate you – and in fact mix deliciously with tropical fruit. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world and is a great way to boost your immune system and fat burning potential.

The Liquid Bases in these smoothies are typically Green Tea(Proven Fat Burner and Metabolism Booster), Orange Juice(Never From Concentrate Kind), Almond Milk and Coconut Milk(No Sugar added kinds have less than 50 calories per serving), and never from concentrate Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice.

Although Fruit has sugar (fructose) and carbohydrates, it is a healthy carbohydrate and with the extremely high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – they can actually aid in weight loss as well as give you a huge boost in overall health. Fruits are some of the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods in the world, and they should not be avoided even by people trying to lose weight.

Smoothie add ins like ground flax seed, chia seeds, and rolled oats provide tons of dietary fiber which will help keep you full and ward off those hunger attacks. Chia seeds and flax seed are also high in omega 3’s which are proven health boosters that can increase your energy levels and help you lose weight.

Coconut Oil is one of my favorite smoothie additions because it is what’s called a medium chain fatty acid. It is going to be used by your body as an energy source – and will not be stored as fat. It also has tons of antioxidant and health properties. Coconut Oil has been written about extensively by health professionals and even recently had a book published called “The Coconut Oil Miracle.” Coconut Oil gives smoothies a delicious and tropical addition.

Powder add ins like Whey Protein and L-Glutamine are proven muscle builders that will help you recover from exercise and keep you full. The smoothies that contain whey protein can be used as great meal replacement options for people seeking weight loss. A quality whey protein is typically very low in fat and carbohydrates and very high in muscle building amino acids. L – Glutamine has anti cortisol properties and will help your body recovery from exercise and increase energy levels.

Truvia is my favorite natural sweetener and is a great add in to smoothie recipes because it is actually a healthy sugar substitute. Stay away from Splenda and anything that contains aspartame. Truvia is a stevia extract and is an extremely healthy sugar substitute that will satisfy your sweet tooth without all of the calories.